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Founded in: 2010
Specialisation: Cessna - Piper - Beechcraft - Raytheon - Bombardier Continental - McCauley - Hartzell - Hamilton - Sundstrand Honeywell - Textron - Hawker - deHavilland

Twin City Aero Supply, Inc. was started in February 2010 with a focus on buying and selling aircraft parts to the aviation community. We are a small company with a vision of growth and are continually adding more inventory to better serve our customers. We pride ourselves on prompt, courteous, and accurate order processing with great customer communication.

Our warehouse stocks parts for many aircraft platforms. We stock mostly expendable, consumable, and some rotable parts. Most parts are stocked on-site with the larger items stored in a heated hangar. We presently have over 10,000 line items of inventory and are growing!

Paul Cote, President of Twin City Aero Supply, Inc., has over thirty five years of aircraft parts experience.

To his customers, this means assurance that he knows what he is selling. His aircraft career began in 1980 where he worked thirteen years in a commuter airline store. In 1993 he switched jobs and began working for a local FBO and parts warehousing company, holding various positions along the way. With his knowledge and understanding of the industry, he decided to start his own business in 2010, and he hasn't looked back since!



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