Stock 224-901-002

Company Quantity Condition
March Aviation (US) 3 AR
March Aviation (US) 2 SV
CRS Jet Spares (US) 1 SV
CRS Jet Spares (US) 1 AR
CRS Jet Spares (US) 1 AR
CRS Jet Spares (US) 1 AR

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PMA Details 224-901-002

Part Number: 224-901-002
Part Name: Indicator
Replaced Part Number: 224-901-002
Approval basis: Identicality per 14 CFR, §21.303, licensing agreement between Parker Hannifin Corp. and Dassault File No. 358275 issue B Letter dated 04/24/2013 DWG No. 224-901-002 Rev E Date 05/15/1997 or later FAA approved revisions
Models: Dassault (Mystere Falcon 50)

Holder: Parker Hannifin Corp
Holder number: PQ1268NM
Address: 14300 Alton Parkway Irvine CA (United States)
Office: Los Angeles FAA Office Tel: (562) 627-5290

Certificat: FAA