Stock 228-50187-103

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CRS Jet Spares (US) 4 NE

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PMA Details 228-50187-103

Part Number: KJB391403B
Part Name: Bearing
Replaced Part Number: 228-50187-103
Approval basis: Identicality per 14 CFR, § 21.303 Licensing Agreement between Bombardier Inc. and Kamatics Corporation File No. 1635-010524-01a, Dated 10/24/01, DWG No. KJB391403B Rev NC, Dated 06/07/01 or Later FAA Approved Revisions
Models: Bombardier Inc. (CL-600-2B19, Series 100 and 200)

Holder: Kamatics Corp
Holder number: PQ0856NE
Address: 1330 Blue Hill Avenue Bloomfield CT (United States)
Office: Windsor Locks FAA Office Tel: (860) 654-1090

Certificat: FAA