Frequently Asked Questions



Company Page


You have the possibility to set up a Company Page on

How to set up your Company Page? 

  • You go on the right corner at the top of your screen.
  • You click on your company’s name.

On the top of this page you have the possibility to upload your logo as well as a baseline.

What information can you fill in?

Once you are on the Company Page, there are different sections:
  • Contact details with all necessary information to contact the company.
  • Default currency used by the company to do business.
  • Cut-off time.
  • Description on your company and your activity as well as your specialization and the founding date.
  • Social network.

Why making a Company Page?

Setting up a good Company Page brings you several advantages:

  1. It makes you more reliable and improve the trust of buyers.
  2. It fosters the seller willingness to do business with you thanks to trustworthy information about you.


Please, keep in mind that you can go on your Company Page anytime to update information.

What is the "analytics" section?

At the end of the Company Page there is the last section “analytics” on which you can find:

  • Inventory & Capabilities: indicate the number of parts and the last update.
  • Quotes total: show the number of quotes buyers request.
  • Quotes quoted: show the number of quotes the seller did.
  • Quotes dropped: show the number of quotes you dropped.
  • Quotes waiting: show the number of quotes waiting to be quoted.


The more your Company Page is full, the better it is for your business opportunities.